May 2020 Update

The flowers at Old Beans have been a delight but seems strange that there’s not been anybody in the cottage this year to enjoy them.

I checked all the nest boxes on 17 May; we had one large Tawny Owl chick, four Kestrel eggs and the Barn Owl sitting on three eggs. So, fingers crossed.

The Barn Owl has been showing very well this season out on the water meadow, along with the Hares. The Mayfly hatch here on the 22 May was incredible, and a first with a Reed Warbler singing from the pond. Sadly there has been no sign of the Spotted Flycatcher. But on a good ending with lockdown its meant – with me being here with the return of the swallows and House Martins – that I have been able to make mud pies every day in this drought so that they can carry on nest building.