July & August 2021 Updates

Great to have three Barn Owl chicks from the photo of the four eggs taken on the 14 June last. The ringing was done on 25 July so the chicks should be showing around 16 August.

The Otters have been up and down the River Stiffkey here at the bottom of the garden, even at 9:45 in the evening. Also, good sightings of the Kingfishers.

The building work continues on the end of Ticketyboo Cottage, hampered by rain most weeks, but looking forward to having a view over the meadow one day…

Chrissie has been very busy with the Curlew release program at Kenhill and Sandringham, and I have been commissioned to make a film of this story, as well as being a Royal Photographer for the day.

And finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ian, who has looked after this website since day one of the opening of Old Beans Cottage, as he is now fully retiring. He has done a fantastic job over the years on all my websites.