January 2021 Update

Well, January was all about the weather; from hard frosts to one day of snow and to so many many days of rain.

The Barn Owls have been out all hours hunting working in with the weather.

April & May Spring 2018 Update

So good to see the Hawthorne out in flower at long last out on the meadow with singing Whitethroats perched on top.

The nest boxes all seem to be occupied this year again; the Kestrels are nesting in the box in the tree closes to Old Beans and are due to hatch around the 20th May, so lots of action will be happening there. Beneath them are Jackdaws in the old owl box.

In the Horse Shelter, nesting in the old Tea Chest, the Barn Owls are sitting on three eggs. How do we know this.. we put a camera in there at the beginning of the year. So they are due to hatch at the end of May. The Barn Owl nest box at the end of the meadow in the Alder tree has a pair of Barn Owls nesting in it, which is a first to have two pairs of Barn Owls nesting on site. The nest box, also at the end of the meadow in the willow tree, is all so quite with no Jackdaws, so the only thing I can think is happening there is Mrs Tawny Owl is sitting tight.

The Great Tits are nesting in the hole in the log at the bottom of the garden, and the Blue Tits are in and out of the many nest boxes on site. So, in all, not a bad start to spring.

Spring view from Old Beans Cottage
The blue Camassia’s putting on a good show.
The Bohemian Blue Hut
Several of you have noticed whats going on at the bottom of my garden with the self-build of a shepherds hut, this will at some time be for lets on Airbnb.
You can follow the build on Instagram:
A room with a view from The Bohemian Blue Hut, looking down the River Stiffkey.