May 2017 Updates

Good to see the sun at long last…. The Queen of the Night tulips have put on a good show, and now it’s the Camassia’s turn, and then next the Ox eye daises at Old Beans Cottage.

The King Fishers can be heard and seen some times, flying fast over the meadow to its nest site to feed young. Whitethroat can be seen and heard to the right of the cottage singing from the top of the brambles, while most evenings hares can be seen in the field next door…

On the 10th of May all the nest boxes where checked out with my bird ringing friend Mr Phil Littler, and it was great to see that three young kestrels had hatched out with one egg still to go in the nest box at the bottom of the meadow, while in the tea chest nest box in the old hoarse shelter both Barn Owls where present, with the female sitting on chicks, so a lot of hunting activity to watch while you are sitting with your glass of wine at Old Beans Cottage, enjoy….