News Round Up from Old Beans Cottage | Feb – May 2013

February – May 2013 Catchup

February 2013

  • The cock pheasant did not make it though the shooting season.

March 2013

  • On the 6th, frogs return to pond , still snowing.
  • The White Horse, East Barsham has now been taken over by Roz and Paul Adock, and has been refurbished, with a warm and friendly atmosphere, and serving up great food.

April 2013

  • On the 3rd, Stoat has given birth to ten kits.
  • 14th Swallows back yeepee
  • 24th Found dead Barn Owl in horse shelter, very very thin.

May 2013

  • Tulips looking great, just waiting for the camassias to burst out.
  • Swallows nesting in stable.
  • Barn Owl hunting over meadow.
  • Kestrels nesting in wood opposite cottage.

Just put up a Kestrel nest box

A Tawny Owl is now nesting in the Barn Owl Box.

Will keep you posted as to how many chicks are nesting in all the boxes.

The Ox-eye Daises are pushing up in the wildflower garden and its beginning to feel like spring is in the air as the swallows are back!