June 2013 Roundup

Not much sign of the Barn Owls in June; they really have had a bad year. Will check out nest boxes in mid July.

Unexpected visitor at the bottom of the garden – Red Kite – a first for Tickety Boo (next door to Old Beans Cottage)

The Stoats have done well, and the female raised three kits. This was filmed for The Burrowers BBC2, and its a first as this has never ever been filmed before. We are also filming it for BBC1’s The One Show in July, to be shown later in the year. The three kits will be released in a secret location at the end of July.

Ticketyboo Fest on the 29th of June was a tremendous success, and it was great to see the couple from Old Beans cottage enjoying the party………

Rare but welcome visitor - Red Kite
Rare but welcome visitor – Red Kite
Kits at play
Tickety Boo Fest – Right on the doorstep of Old Beans Cottage!
The Big Screen came in to its own when the sun went down