May 2019 Updates

Well we are now half way into June, and rain stops play, so here are the latest updates….

The Blue Tits in the nest boxes fledged successfully, but not so for the Great Tits in the hole in the log.

A keen pair of photographers, Len and Jean, witnessed an adult bird fly from the hole after feeding its young, only to be snatched by the resident Kestrel in the nesting box tree.

Sadly there are no Swallows nesting in the stable next door, for the second year, like wise with the eight House Martin nest boxes at Ticketyboo.

The Nest Boxes in the meadow

Checked the Kestrels nest on the 4th of June with bird ringer Phil Littler but the three small chicks where too young to ring, so hopefully next week when it stops raining.

The far nest box, in the willow tree, had Tawny Owls nesting and all have fledged. The Barn Owl nest box was checked also in the old horse shelter with Phil. The Owl was sitting tight on its nest, so will be checked again when the Kestrels are ringed.

Sunny days in May, with the ever changing back garden…

The oxeye daisies are showing well. Regular viewers will note that we have put a tree stump up on the left hand side of the fence.

This is for the Spotted Flycatcher which is at the back of my cottage hunting over my wild flowers, so hopefully this will encourage it into Old Beans….