November & December 2018 Update

Last month all the meadows where cut, which will hopefully make a better hunting ground for the Barn Owls,.

We have started putting out road kills on the field for Red Kites, Buzzards and Kestrels.

The Little Owl nest box will also go up after Christmas in a new position. All five Barn Owl nest boxes have all been cleaned out, and refreshed with new sawdust; two boxes where jam packed with sticks from Jackdaws.

While cleaning out, three owls flew out from boxes, so now all tidy and warm for the winter months. The Kestrel box will be refreshed in late February.

Happy Christmas to all.

August 2018 Update

Well, it’s now mid-August and we have just had are first day of full rain after a good two months of pure sunshine.

With the River Stiffkey running though the water meadow, it has kept the grass green, so hence very good sightings of the family of Brown Hares feeding.

The Spotted Flycatchers can be seen darting about over the meadow after insects to feed their second brood. Butterflies have been well
down in numbers on the wildflowers and on the Buddleia at Old Beans.

The two Barn Owl chicks have fledged out and are still hanging around their nest box, and can be heard screaming out of an evening time.

This year the three Kestrel chicks have been great fun to watch and observe with their antics as they hung around their nest site for three

The three teens
The wild flower garden cut down for another year – No 1
The wild flower garden cut down for another year No 2

June 2018 Update

Hatching is all going well at Old Beans Cottage – the Blue Tits and Great Tits have all fledged.

The pair of Barn Owls in the horse shelter have hatched out two chicks and are doing well. As some of you know we have a camera in the nest box this year with a live feed back to a monitor. The parents will get more active in the next week or so hunting over the meadow.

In the Kestrel box there are three youngsters. The parents can be heard more than seen but when the youngsters leave the nest it will be also visual with great displays.

As for the two nest boxes at the far end, these will be checked out next week.

Its also great to see the Spotted Flycatcher back this year but sadly no Swallows or House Martins nesting here for the first time.

Barn Owl box in the horse shelter
Two young Barn Owl chicks | Photograph taken on the 8 June
Two young Barn Owl chicks | Photograph taken on the 8th June

April & May Spring 2018 Update

So good to see the Hawthorne out in flower at long last out on the meadow with singing Whitethroats perched on top.

The nest boxes all seem to be occupied this year again; the Kestrels are nesting in the box in the tree closes to Old Beans and are due to hatch around the 20th May, so lots of action will be happening there. Beneath them are Jackdaws in the old owl box.

In the Horse Shelter, nesting in the old Tea Chest, the Barn Owls are sitting on three eggs. How do we know this.. we put a camera in there at the beginning of the year. So they are due to hatch at the end of May. The Barn Owl nest box at the end of the meadow in the Alder tree has a pair of Barn Owls nesting in it, which is a first to have two pairs of Barn Owls nesting on site. The nest box, also at the end of the meadow in the willow tree, is all so quite with no Jackdaws, so the only thing I can think is happening there is Mrs Tawny Owl is sitting tight.

The Great Tits are nesting in the hole in the log at the bottom of the garden, and the Blue Tits are in and out of the many nest boxes on site. So, in all, not a bad start to spring.

Spring view from Old Beans Cottage
The blue Camassia’s putting on a good show.
The Bohemian Blue Hut
Several of you have noticed whats going on at the bottom of my garden with the self-build of a shepherds hut, this will at some time be for lets on Airbnb.
You can follow the build on Instagram:
A room with a view from The Bohemian Blue Hut, looking down the River Stiffkey.

February & March 2018 Update

Well after the big freeze, its good to see three Barn Owls out on the meadow hunting; it looks like a pair are using the nest box
in the old horse shelter.

The Kestrel nest box has had fresh sawdust put in into it, and the Kestrels keep having a look-in.

With the freeze, in came the Snipe just in front of Old Beans Cottage and a great sight to see. Looking forward to seeing the
first Brimstone, won’t be long….

January 2018 Updates

Happy New Year to all….

Great to see so many of you returning to Old Beans; the cottage is already booked for six months for 2018.

The Barn Owls are still showing well, as are the Kestrels. We are looking into putting a camera into one of the nest boxes, so a live feed can be watched in the cottage. The new Little Owl nest box has been put up, so we will all have to wait and see what occurs.

The new Little Owl nest box, fingers crossed….
Frosty mornings at Old Beans
After the rains

October 2017 Updates

14 October and the two late chicks have made it, and can still be seen flying around the meadow….

Two late chicks

From the Bushnell camera at the bottom of my garden – the otters have been very active…..

Otters galore…

Now, this is a first at Old Beans Cottage. On 31 October a little owl called out. So, a nest box will have to be sorted as there are now two little owls out there. Watch this space…..

Don’t worry – we heard you

September 2017 Updates

As the Swallows fly south, it’s all change with Pink Feet Geese flying down from the north, a great sound and sight to see.

I am amazed to see that we are already booked for over four months at Old Beans for 2018; great to see so many of you

On the 26 September, it was brought to my attention by a guest at Old Beans, that a young Barn Owl chick had been struggling all day to get back home. So, with a little help before sundown, it was back in its nest.
It’s been some time since we have had a second brood; the voles must be doing well.

July & August 2017 Updates

The wild flower garden has been cut and put to bed for another year.

The Barn Owl chicks are out and about, including a very pale one, and most evenings after dark you can still hear them screeching out along with the hooting Tawny Owls.

We had a surprise email from Sculthorpe Nature Reserve – one of the Kestrel chicks from Old Beans nest box turned up on an old Sparrow Hawk nest for a photo shoot…

June 2017 Updates

With all the sunshine its been one of the best years for the oxeye daisies, and with them they attract the insects which in turn attracts the Spotted Flycatchers, so great viewing for some…..

The kestrel have fledged with great success and can be heard first before being seen screaming out around the meadow.

Hopefully soon the young Barns Owls will be out from their nest box.