News Round Up from Old Beans Cottage | Feb – May 2013

February – May 2013 Catchup

February 2013

  • The cock pheasant did not make it though the shooting season.

March 2013

  • On the 6th, frogs return to pond , still snowing.
  • The White Horse, East Barsham has now been taken over by Roz and Paul Adock, and has been refurbished, with a warm and friendly atmosphere, and serving up great food.

April 2013

  • On the 3rd, Stoat has given birth to ten kits.
  • 14th Swallows back yeepee
  • 24th Found dead Barn Owl in horse shelter, very very thin.

May 2013

  • Tulips looking great, just waiting for the camassias to burst out.
  • Swallows nesting in stable.
  • Barn Owl hunting over meadow.
  • Kestrels nesting in wood opposite cottage.

November & December 2012 Updates

November | Just planted 660 Queen of the Night tulip bulbs, along with 70 Camassia Leichhtinil bulbs, so with the 450 Negrrita tulips and Camassia bulbs, that I planted last year, I’m hoping for a spectacular show next year !!

December | Cut down branches around the Barn Owl nest box in the willow tree, for a better flight path for the owl, and also a better view for you all.

Kestrel Box Chick Found

5 October 2012 | I was sad to learn that one of the kestrel chicks from the nest box at Old Beans cottage, had been found dead some 56km (35m) from where we ringed it.

Sometimes nature is tough on wildlife. This is the data sent to me:

Species: Kestrel Scheme: GBT Ring no: EX14933

Ringing details

Age: 1  Sex: female  Sex meth: –  P.ringed: 4  P.alive: 4  Condition: –
Colour marks added: –  Metal marks added: –  Act1: –  Act2: –
Ringing date: 20-Jun-2012
Reg code: —  Place code: NWN485  Site name: near East Barsham, Norfolk
County code: GBNOR  Grid ref: TF9134   Co-ords: 52deg 52min N  0deg 50min E
Hab1: F3  Hab2: E3
Biometrics: Wing: — mm.   Weight: — g.   Time: –hrs

Ringer: North West Norfolk R.G., 9152

Finding details
Ring not verified  Age: –  Sex: F  Sex meth: –
Colour marks added: –    Metal marks added: –    Act1: –  Act2: –
Finding date: 04-Aug-2012
Reg code: —  Place code: —  Site name: Horsey, Norfolk
County code: GBNOR  Grid ref: TG4523   Co-ords: 52deg 45min N  1deg 38min E
Hab1: —  Hab2: —
Biometrics: Wing: — mm.   Weight: — g.   Time: –hrs
Finding condition: 2:76  Movement: —
Freshly dead    Poor Condition:

Remarks: “Quite thin”
Duration: 45 days    Distance: 56 km    Direction: 104deg (ESE)

Barn Owl Chick Update

Barn owl chick that didn't surviveSeptember 2012 | Bad news for the only young Barn Owl chick in the alder tree nest box in the meadow. It hasn’t survived.

I can only put it down to a combination of being such a late season chick and the very bad weather we have suffered which wasn’t conducive to young chicks..

Barn Owls In Town

A pair of barns owls have been seen using the nest boxes, will check them out later.

Kestrel hatched off four chicks, which are flying around the cottage.

Swallows raised four chicks in stable.

The grumpy male pheasant is still alive and fighting!!

Just put up a Kestrel nest box

A Tawny Owl is now nesting in the Barn Owl Box.

Will keep you posted as to how many chicks are nesting in all the boxes.

The Ox-eye Daises are pushing up in the wildflower garden and its beginning to feel like spring is in the air as the swallows are back!